Liinks - minimalistic link in bio page

my-work Aug 17, 2023

Introducing - a site for designing minimalistic links in bio page.

A few months ago, I found myself in a situation where I needed to quickly design a page with a few lines of text and a few link buttons to a different webpage. I hoped to link to this page using a permalink from another website.

I immediately went to a few "Link in Bio" services but quickly got demotivated due to the need for registration and lack of minimalism. I then embarked on a weekend-long journey to see how much work was needed to design something good enough as a link in bio page designer and not so complex that it needs registration.

The result was a single index.html file that can render a short webpage without storing anything in the server. This is done by storing the data in the link that is shared and most importantly no registration is required. View an example of this post as a page. The link is 980 characters long, but this is not a problem for most cases (eg. Twitter, Facebook etc.)

The body is written using markdown, and adding some colour to personalise the page is possible.

Finally, if you need a short URL - this is possible too.

Liinks - minimalistic link in bio page | Liinks
You will notice it takes a few seconds to generate short-links. This is Cloudflare Turnstile checking the request to protect against abuse.

The tech stack is Cloudflare (static) Page, Function and R2 for storage.

Mohammad Mustakim Ali

I'm a Software Engineer living in London, UK. My passion is to make *very fast* software with great user experience and I have just got little better on this than I was yesterday.